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Curated List of Rags-To-Riches Entrepreneurs

Today, many people are looking forward to become an entrepreneur because entrepreneurship can be very exciting as each day is filled with new opportunities to challenge one’s skills, abilities as well as determination. Apart from this, freedom to work at anytime and from anywhere plays a vital role in attracting people towards business world. The main motive of every business owner is to bring huge success and in today’s era this is not very difficult as you need to touch the right cords.

If you are also looking forward to make a mark in this field, then you should expect to fail at your first or second idea before achieving milestones. As per experts, you do not always have to come from a privileged background in order to make it big in this field. There are many great men and women in the history of business who started with a very little amount of money and with their great vision and determination, they overcame a number of challenges.

Here’s the List of Richest Entrepreneurs:

Tyler Haney

Tyler Haney Started Outdoor Voices, which is an active fashion brand in New York City in 2012. She started the business with her own savings and a round of investments from friends and family. Initially, she used to sell clothes in small U.S. boutiques as well as abroad. In October 2014, the first retail shop was opened in Austin, Texas, which was followed by a Soho pop-up shop in November 2015. After the tremendous success, she opened a shop in lower Manhattan in summer 2016.

Christopher Gray

He is the founder of Scholly, which is described as an app and a website that works with the motive to connect college students to win scholarships. It has helped more than 750,000 students win over $50 million in scholarships. In the year 2015, he was named a Young Entrepreneur for Social Entrepreneurship.

Kailash Katkar

The founder of an Anti-Virus Company, Quick Heal that offers mobile as well as desktop security solutions. During his struggling period, he worked in a local radio and a calculator repair shop. His company is not only the first company in India to provide R&D of IT security solutions, but is also one of those companies which have managed to leave some firms such as MacAfee and Symantec  behind.

Patricia Narayan

The Director and Founder of Sandeepha Chain of Restaurants in Chennai. She entered into the world of business approximately, 30 years ago. She started the career by selling eateries from a mobile cart and she used to earn 50 paisa/day, but today, she is making 2 lakhs/day from 14 outlets with over 200 people.

P C Mustafa

P C  Mustafa, a leading entrepreneur who started a company, called ID Fresh with an investment of ₹ 25,000 and with his four cousins, Nasser,  Shamsuddin, Naushad and Jaffer. From a small store selling idlie and dosa batter, it has now become a 100 + crore company with 2016 employees in over 10 years.

Sridhar Vembu

The founder and CEO of Zoho Corp is now competing directly with major giants like Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce.com and Google. His firm determination, passion and hard work made him the founder of this company, which is now a multi-million dollar company.

These are some of the self-made entrepreneurs who started with small sums and with the zeal to work better every single day, they turned their companies into a million-pound juggernaut.


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