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ARTIK Cloud By Samsung: An Open Data Exchange Platform

ARTIK Cloud: Internet of Things (IoT) might be confusing sometimes but its rising priority proves it to be the building blocks of the future. Due to IoT, several devices can interact with each other offering a unicorn of a service further simplifying the lives of lazy humans.

Samsung intends to do the same with their ARTIK devices and are further ramping it up with their ARTIK Cloud platform.

What’s ARTIK??

The name might seem like a spelling mistake for an icy continent, but it’s a family of modules designed for specific sets of IoT applications. ARTIK is a production ready IoT development platform that bestows power in the hand of developers. Write low level libraries and shorten the time to market to build contemporary products and services for the programmable world. The modules are compact starting from 12mm modules with 0.8 Gigz of processing to 29mm modules with 1.8 Gigz of octa-core processing with 2 Gigz of LPDDR3 RAM supporting video codecs supporting 1080p @ 120 FPS providing every developer with their required harmony of power and performance to choose from.



This new IoT Cloud Platform is the inaugural rival to Amazon Alexa and reminds countless that even though Samsung hasn’t been particularly active in the IoT segment, the future policies are tremendous. The ARTIK Cloud commits to enable companies to gather and govern Big Data generated from any device and the open API aims to minimize precious time invested by developers for adapting their devices and systems to work with ARTIK Cloud and supports major protocols like CoAP, MQTT, REST/HTTP and WebSockets which would get customers rapidly onto the platform.With the open API Samsung assures security with TLS Encryption and certificates and bounteous language support with Android, C#, iOS, JavaScript, Objective C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, and Apple’s Swift. The rules engine is another game changer introduced in the ARTIK Cloud to easily assign roles to customized switches and energy grid control

What about the Benjamins?

ARTIK Cloud platform has partners like SmartThings, Legrand and Digibe Software and has a tiered pricing platform, with monthly individual device subscriptions and even extends a tailored enterprise pricing. Monopoly leads to terrific business, but Samsung has its fair share of tech giant rivals like AWS, Intel, IBM and so on, but with serious growth and an intention to become the most useful platform, Samsung could bag a big win in the near future.

What to expect as a Layman?

Imagine automation at a domestic level. From turning on the lights, radio, home theatre system to smart doors. Use wearable smart tech to interact with the grand panel, things that were not supposed to work together or get notified for any anomaly in the electrical devices. Imagine homes and cars adjusting to our preferences and acting accordingly, banking and financial are going to be secured through the process of automation and improved energy conservation. To cut things short a better integrated global society.



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