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Apple Reportedly Ventures into Electric Vehicles Market

The recent surge in Electric Vehicles (EV) industry has brought the attention of the masses towards the potential market profits in this niche.

According to speculations, Apple Inc., presumably the leader in consumer electronics, has to step its feet upon a new venture and plans to build an electric car under its flagship.

The recent dialogs with several charging station manufacturers and hiring of experts in the field denote a full-fledged infrastructure development to provide hassle free experience to its customers exclusively.

1. The project “Titan”

Titan is the undeclared R&D project of Apple Inc. aimed at developing Electric Vehicles and utilities. Since its inception in 2014, under Steve Zaedesky, as project manager, Apple has aimed at developing a full-fledged autonomous system for in-house manufacturing of Electric Vehicles. Henceforth, it is in constant discussions with several third party EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) manufacturers. In the present scenario, the major hurdle to present Electric Vehicles manufacturers and several other potential EV manufacturers is refueling (*recharging) discrepancy. A 3 to 4 hours charging tenure for a LEVEL 2 Charger is quite tedious. Hence developing both public and private fast charging facilities is a necessity to draw the balance between EV and charging stations.Electric vehicles

2. EV charging station

Charging stations are an indispensable part of EV infrastructure. It supplies electrical energy necessary for the operation of Electrical Vehicles. According to SAE terminology, charging stations are of two types. The 240V AC low current charger known as LEVEL 2 Charger takes approximately 3-4 hours to replenish the battery. On the other hand, the 500V DC high current charger known as DC Fast Charger takes about 30 minutes to juice up the vehicle. Tesla’s Supercharging initiative is an example of the DC Fast Charger niche.

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3. Apple and charging station manufacturers

According to several reports, Apple has got in touch with several charging station companies, regarding obtaining their underlying technology or collaborating with them to develop EV utilities. However, the firms are treading carefully upon this venture for they view Apple as a potential rival. As for today, no speculations can be drawn if Apple would use third party services for its electric vehicles or develop its own indigenous system, to provide customers with the seamless experience, it is known for.

4. Charging station manufacturers

With the increasing number of on-road electric vehicles and hybrids, a sufficient number of charging stations has turned a necessity. In California, the home state of Apple, around 13-25 times, the present numbers of charging stations are required to be installed in the next 5 years to cater to the fuel demands of a million vehicles to hit the road by 2020. Hence, for successful launch and operation of EV, equipment and utilities to juice them up will be a necessity.

5. Recent developments in the field

The recent boost in sales of EV due to rising concern regarding the environment, driving zero-emission vehicles with almost no maintenance costs has brought almost every tech giant into the battle. AddEnergie, a Montreal-based startup has launched 2000 charging stations and plans to install another 8000 by 2019. Similarly, Tesla has launched 600 charging stations of its Supercharging flagship. This venture, as of present, seems to be the next major transformation in the tech world revolutionizing every aspect of the automobile industry.