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Apple ready to surprise with its new Development Centre in Hyderabad

Apple has always managed to give the tech lovers with new surprises. The good news is after tech biggies like Microsoft and Google, Apple has also confirmed the new that it is all set to start with its technology development center outside the United States of America. It cannot be a better to news that this time apple has decided to open such center in Indian city ‘Hyderabad’.

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Reports has also stated that currently the team is working hard to build a huge commercial area with the investment of around $25 million and is looking forward to hire around 4500 employees. Looking at the pace at which the company is heading up to start this centre, it is expected that Apple will start with operation here by end of the year.

The News Say it All:

No doubt that Apple has always managed to stand on the user’s expectation and thus has served its customer with the best possible support. It is one such company whose main area of operation is in United States of America. However, looking at its increasing demand of the product, the company has finally decided to launch its technology development centre with a view to endorse them in this popular IT hub in the country.

Know more about the Company

Apple is one of the best brands that has been so far managed to offer their customer with the cutting-edge technology. To have any technology of this brand is considered as a standard of class and luxury for which many people usually crave. In India, the company has put up its product for line up with around 30% in the market today. Its product like iPads and iPhones are lot in demand. As per the repost, it seems Apple has chose Hyderabad as one of the first offshore technology development center other than United States of America.

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What to Expect:

Apple has confirmed the news about their decision of expanding its operation in India. The company is quite thrilled to see how enthusiastic its customers are and hence are looking forward to improve the job opportunity for maps development in this centre. The company has also stated that it is also going to enhance the ideas of the contractor show are planning to sell their brand locally with new ideas. If things go well and Government approves for all their regulations, then after Amazon, Google and Microsoft, it is Apple that will have an Indian development center.

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Just like Apple, it seems that there are other tech giants too who are expected to make a fruitful investment in India. With such contributions of big brands towards the country, no doubt that India will soon take place of the popular IT hub ruling across the world. Sources says that if things go as per planned, then the company will start with the center in June or by end of this year. It is one of the positive development decision which Apple has taken and is expected to make a good growth in India by introducing other great products and thus surprise their customers every time.