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Apple iPhone Medical ID­ A life saver in Emergency Situation

iPhone’s Medical ID: We have always known doctors as the life saver. Whenever there is an unfortunate mis-happening or an accident, we run to the nearest hospital.

While we all use our costly phones for a hell lot of purpose. What if we could use it to save someone. That would really be a good deed. There are situations where the nurses or doctors do not know about who the patients are or whom to contact. Moreover, their phones are usually locked. But many people don’t realize that the patients can set up something called a ‘Medical ID’ on an iPhone if it has the health app (free with phone). This information can be easily accessed even if the phone is locked by simply clicking on the emergency options and can display things like name, emergency contacts, DOB, medical conditions and even blood type and donor status. You can even add notes.

Medical ID

Let’s consider a situation to have a brief idea about what Apple iPhone’s Medical ID is all about. A person X is driving his bike at the speed of approximately 80km/h. He/She suddenly crashes with a car or any other obstacle in its path to transfer all the momentum he carried to his body. A situation may arrive when he is unconscious and unable to talk after the accident. He can be taken to the nearest hospital for sure but how do we inform at his home regarding this provided we have no contact details? What if he needs immediate blood but we are unaware of the blood group? What if the doctor needs some crucial medical information but he is unable to get it due to lack of contacts and medical information. In all such crucial cases, the iPhone comes handy only if we are aware of using it properly.

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All iPhones come with a Health app that has the medical idfeature. You can fill in your height, weight, date of birth and name. In the health app, you can also feed in your heart rate. Moreover, the app measures your running and walking distance on a daily basis. Details like body measurements, fitness, nutrition, reproductive health, sleep health and vitals can also be made available to the person when needed once it is available in the phone. The best part is that the medical id can be accessed even if the phone is locked.

To do this,

● Just slide right to the lock screen.

●Tap on emergency on the bottom left side.

●Now, tap on medical id and all the details will be shown.

It helps us get valuable information about the user and can be very helpful in tough situations where the user is unable to talk or move.


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