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Android app development: the current scenario and the road ahead

Earlier this year, it was revealed in a survey that the revenue from mobile apps is much larger than the revenue from Hollywood. The professionals who are well versed with the tech world were not at all surprised to get this news, as they already knew that apps are fastest growing business these days. Mobile apps are developed for various OS’s like windows, iOS, Blackberry, but the Android still lead the space.

Android apps have reached billions of user’s lives already and it has a huge user base worldwide. With the advent of new Android versions , wearable tech and new products, Android has open up new channels for business. Android first launched its OS in the year 2007 and since then, there is no looking back for Android and it has come really far. The obvious question remains that Will Android app development continue to roar ?and what challenges it has in coming years?

Today each business or enterprise needs a mobile application and there’s no platform better than Android because of its mass reach. Android surpassed the iOS app’s economy recently and it still has many more miles to cover. Android apps have become an integral part of any business and it is helping established brands to run their functions smoothly. At the same time, start-ups and small businesses are using android apps to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and to retain their existing customers.

Android app development companies have a lot of challenges ahead. Let’s see a few of them.

Compromise on profit margins

There is absolutely no second opinion that android app development projects will continue to soar, as more and more startups and enterprises are keen to get an Android app built. But with the rising number of app development companies, the profit margins are expected to be on the lower side.

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App Monetization

Vision Mobile conducted a survey few days back and this survey states that the m-commerce industry is set to generate $300 billion in the current year. Revenue from the apps would continue to flow from in-app purchases and paid downloads.

Cut-throat competition.

As far as mobile app development is concerned, the cost to build an Android app is lowering day by day because of a rise in number of app development companies. Companies in India, China and Philippians provide app development services at much lower cost as compared to U.S.A or U.K. so, if you are situated somewhere in U.S.A or Canda, the best option would be to outsource your work to India.

Cross-platform Compliance

Android mobile applications not only run on smartphones, but Google has also introduced Smart watch that would feature Android apps as well. Google on the lines of Apple has also launched Android TV that is completely app enabled. These gadgets are going the smarter way with apps. Android app developers are all geared up to go ahead with next generation app development.

To conclude, the huge user base of Android devices, open-source nature of Android apps and efforts of Google to help developers depict a promising future of mobile apps.

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