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Accurately Use Data To Enhance Shopping This Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, the busiest shopping time of 12 month has begun. Thus, advertisers are coming up with effective advertising ways, which tells you to buy the best gifts, clothes and turkeys for this festive season. Christmas is known as the frenetic time of the year for many advertising agencies and if you are the one who is looking forward to bring in new customers and increase the buying then you should not forget to give your customers an engaging and customized purchasing experience. In this regard, data is considered as the most important component to successfully achieve the relevant as well as appealing shopping experience. Hence, with the advancement in technology, there is nothing wrong in saying that data and analytics are known as the soul of modern marketing.

On the other hand, as per a recent research report, data creates a sense of overpowerment in 71% of marketing professionals, whereas 69% marketers feel distracted from this modern marketing technique. As a result, they are not able to pay attention on important marketing duties. Lastly, 29% of professionals are not capable to analyse it properly. However, the importance of this marketing technique cannot be denied and in order to make the most of this festive time, listed below are some fruitful tips for marketers, allowing them to make the most of the data they have.

Tips To Use The Data Carefully For Generating Revenue

Pay Attention to Quality of Data

The main motive of proper data management is to have useful information and this can be achieved by effectively collating, organizing, updating as well as managing of customer data. By this way you are ready to utilise qualitative as well the most relevant sources. It is said that when you have quality data then it greatly impacts the other marketing cost. For example, if you are targeting high-quality leads then you are able to minimize the production cost and the spending on media buying as well as purchasing and enables you to improve the return on investment.

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Ensure Data Is Compliant

You have the chance of working with a data partner who is well-aware of the complexities around PECR and GDPR. There is no exaggeration in saying that working with a data proficient is crucial as he has the ability to wrap his mind around statistics, algorithm and programming languages which are highly used to leverage  the available data is an essential thing.

Identify Critical Information

Using reliable sources play a pivotal role in lowering down the cost of marketing. There is a need to collect the information that help you in understanding trigger behind customer behavior. This means that the data that you could look for includes change in lifestyle or buying patterns. Such information enable you to know the change in purchasing intent. When you are aware of the triggers behind the behavior of your customers then you are at a higher chance of satisfying your valuable customers.

If you properly follow all the above mentioned tips properly, then you can effectively utilize Christmas time to improve your annual profits.


Jas Singh Bhasin

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