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5 Traits Of The Most Successful Startups

Productivity is the biggest concern for any business and in the case of new business ventures, it is even more important because they have a scarcity of resources, shaky foundation, less working capital and many other issues. Every hour you and your team spend is going to be counted, but that simply does not mean that you have to rush around your entire team with a stick.

Here are a five qualities for any productive startup team that you may consider in order to get the maximum output.

Specialization: Though this topic is debatable as most startups need to be flexible as unexpected problems arise on a daily basis and your team need to have people who are comfortable working beyond the area of their expertise. But still hire some specialists and keep them away from any distraction that would cause them to perform their tasks inefficiently.

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Free of any interruptions: Interruptions are obvious in any organization, but there are many startups that use unnecessary methods and rules for employees and they require the employees to work in a particular order. For example the last minute meetings for a brief discussion; these meetings interrupt every team member from the normal responsibilities. Some interruptions are warranted, but try to keep all these to a minimum.

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Allow flexibility: Most of the people choose startups over MNCs just because they can’t work on a tight schedule. Some prefer to work on traditional 9-5 slot while there are others who love to work during evening, some night owls may also join you who are keen to work at night. Startups should be flexible with the teammates because at the end of the day all that matters is performance and productivity. In this way, you would be able to keep your employees happy and at the same time derive output from them as well.

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Motivated: This is the driving force of any startup and sometimes employees may get frustrated with the tasks and their work and it becomes extremely important for the leaders to motivate the team. A good leader is one who always converts an ordinary worker to a passionate one and with a passionate and motivated team, the journey to the success becomes more interesting.

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Trust your team: Trust is a very tricky term and it is something that can’t be developed in a day. You need to hire people who seem to be trustworthy, but for the most part, the only way to develop trust is to let it evolve over time. Trust can’t be purchased from the market and you can only do your best and leave the rest. You need to trust your developer that he or she would meet the deadlines, you have to trust your CFO that he or she will present the potential issues before you. At the max, what you can you do is inculcate team building exercises within your teammates and gradually you will notice that your team shares a good bonding.

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These were five qualities or exercises that are beneficial for your startup and could help in boosting productivity of the organization. If your team adopts these qualities and you focus on the execution in an efficient manner, then you would face no problems making the most out of minimum resources. 

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