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5 lesser-known App Store(s)

Amazon Underground:

Amazon Underground serves Amazon Fire Tablets, Android and Blackberry 10. If your apps don’t have in-app purchases and are free, Amazon Underground pays you depending on the time users spend on your Apps. So the free Apps attract users and you get paid by Amazon without charging customers. One paid App per day is given away for free by Amazon to customers and they also sometimes give away bundles of really good Apps. The Amazon App has a very large collection of Books, Movies and Music at a much lower price when compared to Google Play Store.

Amazon Underground


SlideME is an App Marketplace that’s even older than Google Play. SlideME charges 20% and payment options are vast unlike Google Play. Sometimes, the number of App downloads on SlideME can exceed Google Play so it’s worth a shot. Every single App on SlideME is manually tested and approved. It has free and paid apps as well along with user ratings. It has filtering options, multi-language support and can accept different currencies. To download the SlideME App, go to the official website and install it from there. It is quite surprising to know that SlideME is installed on more than half of all Android devices.


Samsung Apps:

Samsung’s App store was introduced in the year 2009 to provide an exclusive marketplace for Samsung users. The Apps are specially made for Android Samsung Phones and Tablets. Both Free and paid Apps are available. The different categories of Apps are displayed to the left and range from Health and Fitness, Social Apps and Entertainment. Ratings also categorize Apps. The top of the app store has a premium choice section that displays the best Apps available. App developers can access the Samsung Mobile SDK and the AdHub SDK for App development and for in-app purchases.

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Samsung Apps


AppBrain is an alternative method for browsing through the official Android Market. Google does not allow for using a Browser to search through the Market. This is where AppBrain comes in handy by letting you browse through Apps on the big screen. When you hit install on the browser, the accompanying AppBrain on your phone takes you through the process of installation, payment etc. However AppBrain only shows Apps available in the US and which are compatible with Android 1.6 and above. Also they work only for certain screen sizes. If you are not within the US, you won’t be able to install Apps through AppBrain.



F-Droid is a unique App store that runs on donations. Devoid of reviews or rating systems, the Apps on this app store are known as FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). F-Droid is a great app store for developers since codes are freely accessible and can be copied with the only limitation being that Apps on F-Droid do not have a professional feel in comparison with app stores like Google Play and Amazon Underground. The F-Droid App store can be installed from the official website. F-Droid relies on volunteers for maintenance. App updates take place automatically. This is THE marketplace for budding developers.



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