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5 Indian Startups That Need to Shut Down Right Now!

Indian Startups: There is no denying of the fact that an innumerable number of Indian startups have been established as they have become a flavor of the season.

As the advancement of science and technology has bestowed us with countless benefits regarding ease of shopping, we can now today order anything and everything with just a single click of a button.

This can simply be done by downloading an app and availing all the benefits of online shopping. We all have become the slaves of technology and there are so many Indian startups emerging every now and then in the metro city these days. Although, there are so many Indian startups established to cater to the needs of the users but they are all interchangeable and do not have any different factor in them. Hence, they have been rendered completely useless. Below is the list of some of such Indian startups:-

BOOKMYBINDI: Bookmybindi is the first world’s bindi portal which claims to cater to the needs of ladies offering multifarious designs for different occasions to women and young girls. Gone are the days when women used to go to the cosmetic store and used to depend on their authenticity to make reasonable choices of women cosmetics keeping in mind the feasibility of prices. Things are obviously very different now. There are silver, gold and diamond collections which are available on this site but are so much expensive. Indian startups

BOOKMYSMOKE: This is another friendly website which lets you rent or hire shisha on per hours basis. It has certainly encouraged people’s hookah addiction offering flavored chillums to them. People have becomes so lethargic that they cannot go to the marketplace and buy one. Rather, they are dependent on the online service of providing hookkas and chillums to them.Indian startups

BOOKMYBALLOON: With the help of this website you can easily have a look towards the helium balloons and can order them at your doorstep. They also give you the benefit of any other packages that you might need at an affordable price. Off course, the same can be done by going to a shop and buying the balloons which are quite feasible.Indian startups

BOOKMYPANDIT: This is an explicitly ridiculous website which provides online pundits and also has got an arrangement for E-pooja. There is absolutely no need of booking an online pundit owing to the fact that India has got a countless number of temples which are bombarded with pundits. By providing the option of E-pooja these websites have totally deteriorated the concept of ritual based authentic poojas at home for any kind of occasions.Indian startups

EVOKIO: Evokio is basically a weekly subscription based service with the help of which you can get anything and everything is done online. Humans today have become extremely lethargic and dependent on technology that they do not even care to do things by themselves. This is the reason they resort to such websites for getting their services done which are totally non-appreciable. Evokio gives services for folding your laundry, for getting your household chores done and for doing the cleaning of the house at a certain price. This includes payments for bills or sending something to your loved ones. What could be worse than sending a third person to deliver flowers to your near and dear ones and no delivering them yourself to make them happy?Indian startups

We really need to get rid of our lazy attitude and stop relying on online websites and apps for doing varied tasks.