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5 Features You Must Insert In Your Health and Fitness Apps

App market is at its apex and today you can find apps related to everything, be it clubs, taxi booking, food ordering, expense manager, health and fitness and many more. Out of all these, health and fitness apps have registered a tremendous growth as compared to other apps. Mobile app developers have found an excellent way to track and monitor the health activities of users and the best thing is, most of the health and fitness apps comes at absolutely no cost. Different apps have different variations, but there are a few vital features that need to be discussed and implemented on a developer’s part in order to create a perfect app.

Here are the top features users are most interested in.

The Dashboard
This feature is for those who own iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s plus, the phone has built-in low-power step tracking sensor that tracks the steps the user takes, the distance being walked or run by the user. The user can easily track the activity of last day, week or even month. In addition to this, the app alone can be used to monitor how much you are walking or running which means that user doesn’t require any separate step-tracking device.

Put Challenges
It is true that most of the people require a push while dealing with their eating habits and fitness regimes. A clever trick of the trade is you can set a challenge for your app users. You can set schedules and bonuses for the users who fulfill the challenge. Ensure that your users remain entertained and interested. So, rather than making an app with loads of options, you should focus on how to make your app more interesting and engaging.

Activity Tracker
Fitness conscious people fall in love with the apps which remain active throughout the day and upraise them about their physical activities even when they are no working out. This function really works because there are such apps like ‘Fleetly’ that give users the complete report of the calories burnt, steps walked and other fitness related activities and those apps work really well. Activity tracker will provide your app users an overall picture of their activity for the past week, month, etc.

Include a Video
It is proved that only 10 % of what we hear, 20% of what we read and 70% of what we see remains in our memory. It is clear that including a video in your health and fitness app would boost things up on your part. To make the app more engaging, you can include video clips of sports exercises or various postures of Yoga can also be included.

Create a Community
Many people start working out with great enthusiasm, but after some time give up due to lack of motivation. Your app would win brownie points if it is able to motivate app users. Now it is an obvious question that how an app could provide motivation? Well, as an app maker, what you can do is, you can create a community amongst your app users and let them discuss and motivate each other. When the users would receive boost from other people, they would be prompted to continue with their workout which is good for them as well as for your app.