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4 Useful Networking Apps to Boost Your Social Marketing Strategy

It is a challenging task to bring users’ attention to your mobile app in this ever-competitive market. In case, you haven’t planned your social marketing strategy well in advance, the app may not attain the ultimate success. Tweeting regularly about your app is the most celebrated way of familiarizing users with your latest application. However, it is a time consuming job to tweet every single functionality of your application. It may seem tiring too after a certain point of time. In order to save users from getting tired while marketing their apps, we are going to reveal useful networking apps here in this write-up. There are plethora of such applications that have already proved their worth in their related category and won the hearts of millions of users for being functional in the approach. By using the right kind of application, you can easily boost your social marketing strategy to promote your mobile apps.

Here are the four mostly used apps.

Feedly – to boost the content research

Feedly keeps you updated about the latest feeds from the industry. It covers stories on a variety of topics including marketing, writing, business, technology and much more. The users have got the option of discovering from the latest RSS feed to share the content with the audience.

The role of content in boosting app marketing

Content plays the most important role in targeting the users and thus you need to share a piece of write-up that is engaging for the users. Remember, your content should revolve around the posts that talk about the effectivity of your apps.

Mention – to monitor your app in real time

Mention for iOS is an effective way to manage your online activity with the use of a single app. It gives the freedom of tracking relevant statistics for the business in real time. It also helps to create alerts that help users stay up to date with the latest feed.

How monitoring your app in real time boosts app marketing

Real time monitoring is an extended chance for professionals to not only create alerts for the brand but also to get the news from competitors. Receiving the most relevant mentions about the brand could help boost the campaign with ease.

DrumUp- to manage social media and content marketing

DrumUp has got a lot to offer to the users. Being an app that concentrates on the effectivity of the content marketing, it aids users to discover social media tweets in real time. One can find the most relevant topics to share with the audience.

How social media helps in boosting app marketing

An app’s popularity over social media platform count much for its success among the users. This can also become the deciding factor for the popularity of your app in the app store.

SparksFly- to make social search simple

SparksFly paves your way to follow the right resources for your business. It lets you share the content to your connection with utmost ease or send them emails as well. Automated search feature in the app helps in searching and sharing the most relevant feeds.

Over to you

With the help of apps that have been briefed above, it could get easier task for professionals to manage their social marketing strategy in order to bring success to newly launched apps. Marketing with the right resources is the foremost requirement to be fulfilled while you are launching any application.
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