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4 Mind-Blowing Tricks to Hide Apps On Your iPhone

Hide Apps: Let’s face it! On more than one occasion you would have wished that you could hide some of the Apps on your iPhone for privacy reasons or maybe you don’t want your kids to find them. There are a lot of ways to do this and most iPhone users aren’t aware of them.

Hide apps

Below are 4 ways in which you can easily hide some important Apps on your iPhone without much hassle:

1) Hide your Apps in an invisible folder:

You don’t need to Jailbreak your iPhone to create an invisible folder. Follow the below steps and hide Apps from prying eyes:

 – Choose a Grey or White wallpaper.

 – Change a few display settings.

  – Create a new folder without any name.

 – Generate a blank App icon.

 – Move the icon to the folder.

 – Next, move all the Apps that you want to hide into the second page.

 – Voila! You now have an invisible App icon that hides all your private Apps.

2) Jiggle your Apps into hiding:

 – Create a new folder.

 – Select all the Apps you want to hide and move them into this folder.

 – Tap on any icon and hold until they all begin to jiggle thus letting you rearrange them.

 – Now grab any one App and drag it towards the right beyond the very last tab present in the folder.

 – Without releasing the App, press down the home button.

 – Apps hidden!

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3) The Folder Nesting trick:

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 – First, create a folder for the Apps that you wish to hide and name it ‘Folder 1’.

 – Next, create another folder known as ‘Folder 2’ and nest ‘Folder 1’ inside ‘Folder 2’.

 – After the nesting is complete, remove all the Apps placed inside ‘Folder 2’ leaving just ‘Folder 1’ inside ‘Folder2’.

 – Thus a blank folder is created on the Home Screen. You will observe that an open space has been created on the Home Screen and in order to fill that, drag a random App into the spot.

 – Now go inside Folder 2 and highlight Folder 1.

 – Pull it out into the dock. After a second, Folder 2 disappears and this is when you can release Folder 1.

 – We have now hidden your Apps and they can be accessed using only the iOS search.

 – If you wish to revert back, simply restart your device. Otherwise, go to iOS Settings, select Nike+iPod App, and click on Activate and then Deactivate.

4) Hide Preinstalled Apps:

Some Apps cannot be uninstalled and you can hide them by using the Restrictions trick. Hide Apps like Safari, Camera, FaceTime, Watch, GameCenter and iTunes by following the below steps:

 – Go to Settings->General.

 – Go to Restrictions and tap on ‘Enable Restrictions’.

 – Set a passcode for Restrictions.

 – Toggle Apps that you want to hide under ‘Allow’.