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30 Days To Woo Your New Talent

Startup companies these days, have a very unique way to hire employees and it won’t be wrong to say that startups poach the best talent from the market, typically a blend of dynamic graduates and professionals from MNCs and younger enterprises. However, the attrition rate in startups is quite high and most of the new employees leave within first 3 months. While employers have different parameters to hire and fire new recruits, but most of the new joinees leave because either they have multiple job offers with them or they encounter a mismatch in their expectations from the company. In order to retain the best talents, the talent acquisitions team of startups would have to create a lasting impact on new recruits. The process of on-boarding should be more exciting and fun-filled.

If you go into flashback, various established IT firms wanted the new recruits to fill a bunch of forms and for nearly a month the employees were left to fend for themselves. On a fine day, a manager wanted to get a tedious task done and picked new recruits to do the same. The employees were more or less at the pity of managers. But now, the situation is changing and new hires are given extra attention in order to woo them.

Here are a few tips that can ensure a relaxed, fun-filled on-boarding to leave a durable and impressive mark:

1: Make the induction process more happening: With times changing, induction process should not be about same age old PPTs and heavy lectures. Startups like Flipkart, Myntra and urban Ladder has taken a step ahead and have started acquainting their new joinees with all the essentials about the company. These companies take new recruits to their warehouses, make them go with the delivery guys and introduce them to the vendors as well. In this way, employees get to know everything about how the organization works. New businesses should try to adopt this concept in order to gain employee confidence.

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2: On boarding is an ‘ongoing process’: What companies do is they spend the first week on training, induction and afterwards things change. Rather, companies can make the process on-boarding as ongoing so that new recruits should feel that the company is happy to have them.

3. Greet new employees with a welcome kit: The recruit should get a feel of oneness and the best way to welcome would be to present them a souvenir or a welcome kit. Again, I would like to mention Flipkart here as it sends personalized welcome messages from the senior leadership teams to the new recruits.

4. Arrange meetings with leads and teams: The best method of introducing new recruits to rest of team is to arrange a weekly meeting. In this way all the new recruits would get to know their seniors as well as subordinates.

5. Free-look period: The term may look familiar to all who have an insurance policy. The same concept can be bought at the corporate companies too. It goes like this: the employee would be given 30 day time to work in the organization. In these 30 days he or she would be able to learn the work culture, product, role in the company, job responsibilities, etc. In these 30 days they could decide whether they want to stay with the firm or leave it. Even at one of the startups I worked, I was given this right and I must say it really works.