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10 Lessons To Be Learnt From 5 Amazing Content Marketing Case Studies – Part 1

Today, everyone knows that – ‘Content is King’. And, that’s why we all are keen to know – how to make the content marketing strategies more effective. One of the ways to achieve this is – consider and study other marketers’ strategies and plans who are known to grow their own or their client’s business through their top-notch marketing strategies. In a recent report, it was found that only 30% of B2B marketers thought that their company used effective content marketing strategies. However, that’s an admirable percentage, but at the same time, it means that, there’s a lot of impecunious content being produced. According to another recent report, the top 3 destinations of content marketing are:

  • Branding
  • Lead generation
  • Thought leadership

Companies and brands adopt many different ways to achieve each of these 3 key goals. However, some of the ways that can help you achieve these 3 goals will come to you naturally, but many of the other new and effective ways won’t click until you see other successful examples. But that doesn’t mean that you can just consider any random marketing strategy because most of the strategies will not match your company’s goals and objectives. There are only a few of the companies that release their case studies publicly.


TechTTalks | 10 Lessons To Be Learnt from 5 Amazing Content Marketing Case Studies - Part 1

To help you understand some of the best important aspects of content marketing strategies, we’ve rounded up a few of the best case studies. We’ll be breaking down 12 lessons from top five case studies to help you know how to apply them to your content marketing efforts. However, some of them may just be the refreshers, while other strategies may be brand new for you. I think most of the marketers will be able to learn at least a few significant factors from these case studies.  

Case Study #1: PTC achieved 0 to 100,000 visitors per month through its world-class content marketing strategies

A quick overview: Let’s see a quick rundown of what PTC is: – It’s a massive software company that sells software to other companies in a variety of high-tech niches. Initially, to launch Creo – a design software that was designed to solve many challenges that other types of CAD software often have, PTC decided to imbibe content marketing strategies to enhance awareness of a Creo that they were about to launch.

For many marketers, threshold of crossing the 100,000 visitors per month is an important goal. And, being a successful marketer, if you can meet that level that means you can viably grow just any business. PTC’s content marketing campaign was more about brand awareness than anything else. However, PTC aimed this campaign to create brand awareness for its new product launch in a hugely crowded space with a secondary goal of getting initial sales of the product. Nevertheless, selling the products that are innovative is much easy upon others. But then the key challenge is launching it into a crowded market. Let’s see what all we can learn from this case study (you can read the original case study here):

TechTTalks | 10 Lessons To Be Learnt from 5 Amazing Content Marketing Case Studies - Part 1

Lesson #1: Outsource your content marketing work: Many companies still think that spending money on content marketing is not worth. And, that’s why they are really afraid to invest in content marketing. And, if they are convinced that content marketing can help their business in achieving market success, then they believe that their in-house employees are capable enough for creating blog posts and promoting them.

Undoubtedly, there will be many in-house employees who will be efficient enough to write captivating blog posts and promote them, but for many employees it’s tough to make this kind of commitment because most of them are already overworked. And, on top of that, most of them don’t know how to create user-centric posts that will help your brand get results. So, to meet this challenge outsourcing a content marketing company may help you out. Majorly, there are 2 viable reasons to outsource your content marketing:

  1. You don’t have your in-house content marketing team who can properly execute a content strategy.
  2. And, if you have one then they don’t have sufficient expertise to develop or execute a tailored and business-centric content strategy.

PTC hired Content Marketers for making their content marketing strategies a great hit. Although, a company like PTC isn’t short on content strategist’s resources, but they didn’t have the proper expertise for this work.

So, hiring well-versed content marketers will help you create a full-proof strategies as well as executing them in the best way. In most cases, including this one, the content marketers help brands in meeting their goals because they are experts in their particular niche.

Lesson #2 – Understand your content marketing goals and know how to meet them: As we have discussed till now, that content marketing can help you achieve success and meet many different goals. But before meeting your goals, you should know your actual goals that you are trying to accomplish. As that will influence what type of content you want to produce and will help you in deciding your overall content strategy.

If we talk about PTC – it had one key goal and that was very clear from the start. Their goal was to create buzz and launch their new Creo product, that too in the following 8-9 months. The key challenge for creating buzz of their product Creo was their target audience had never even heard of Creo.

Since Creo was a new product, so they knew that tutorials aren’t going to draw much attention. And, that’s why; their strategies initially focussed on educating their target audience rather than just creating buzz.

A successful marketing strategy always requires more trust initially so that you can steer the attention of your target audiences toward a product launch. But for crafting a full-proof marketing strategy, your marketer must know your business goals. As goals directs what type and how much content to produce.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll continue to publish new blog posts in this series about remaining 10 Lessons Need To Be Learnt from 5 Amazing Content Marketing Case Studies that will deal with the pioneering strategies on how to craft successful content marketing strategies.